HP連絡用メールアドレスの受信不具合について / Notification of email reception problems


2023/08/21〜2024/04/23 の期間における上記アドレスへの送信につきまして

現在、 受信に関する問題が解消していることを確認しています。





>>ご連絡・ご相談等について / contact<<


Regarding the transmission to the above-addressed e-mail
during the period of 2023/08/21 to 2024/04/23.

Although the auto-response was sent, we were not able to receive the email itself, including the sender's information.

We are very sorry for those who contacted us during this period.

As of 2024/04/24
We have confirmed that the problem has been resolved.
If you know of anyone who needs to contact us, we would greatly appreciate it if you could resend the e-mail.
We have changed the address to which we are sending the letter as a result of the confirmation of the problem.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

In consideration of the fact that the problem persisted for a long period of time, we have created an input form on our website as a means of multiple contacts.

We have also changed the mailing address along with confirming the problem. Please understand that we are sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you,